Written by Rockelle Newell (Director of Virtual Assistance, The Vloom)

These days we are seeing it right in front of our eyes, literally! On our phones, and in person out in society- This generation has to start their own business in hopes to be able to pay themselves enough to make rent, and typically this is done as a side hustle in conjunction with a day job (In order to receive a proper pension and health insurance). How else do you run a business while you are already running someone else's business all day? You hire an assistant, and in 2020 where this is the new found age of Remote Employees and quick start-ups online, you hire a 'Virtual Assistant'. Of course, if you are working with a company like us here at The Vloom, you have the privilege of hiring a Vloom Virtual Assistant like our VVA Agent Veronica.

What on earth is a Virtual Assistant?

Virtual Assistants are (typically) independent contractors that provide an extremely broad spectrum of services to businesses and entrepreneurs. The best part is this is all done from a remote location.

A few examples of services a Vloom Virtual Assistant can provide:

  • Schedule/Calendar/Meeting Management

  • Social Media Presence Management/PR

  • Social Media Content Creation

  • Chat Support

  • Email Campaigns

  • Data Entry

  • Travel Itineraries/Bookings

  • Event Organization and Management

And much, much more...

Need to have a Brochure created and emailed to a lead? One of our Vloom Virtual Assistants will help you with that.

What are the benefits of VVA and Why do you need a Virtual Assistant?

Let's just straight out state the obvious. It's cheaper, faster, safer, and progressive! No need to have to background check/credential verify (and not to mention insure and pay) employees. You have a virtual employee right at your fingertips anywhere in the world!


Yes, anywhere. As long as you can connect to Wifi or internet in general, you will be able to contact a VVA Agent and get work done! Travel on!

This clearly is where the future of hiring employees is headed. Especially with the physical in-person workforce industry slowly being threatened by AI. Luckily this is where we come in.

Let's Vloom.